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Invited speaker “A Critical Valuation of Current Debates in Chinese Film Criticism in Mainland China”, Chinese Film Theory and Criticism Workshop, Kings’ College, University of London, UK, 4 May 2018 (as part of Chinese Visual Film Festival 2018)

“Challenges in Theorising Hong Kong Cinema History”, The Hong Kong History Project The 2nd Postgraduate Workshop, University of Bristol, UK, 11-12 January 2018

Invited speaker, “Writing Contemporary Chinese Art in Journalism: issues, challenges and possibilities” guest lecture at the Polish Institute of World Art Studies, 15 December, 2017

“The Art of Moving Truth: An Inquiry into the Possibility of Writing Film Criticism as Journalism through Theory and Practice”, at The Future of Journalism: Journalism in a Post-truth Age?, Cardiff University, Wales, UK, 14 – 15 September 2017

“Tracing the Heroine: a Historical and Aesthetic Investigation on CCTV’s television representation of the ‘Chinese mother of Belgium”, with Roel Vande Winkel at the Poetics of Asian Cinemas Conference, Lancaster University, UK, 10 – 12 July 2017 & Exploring Boundaries in Film and Television Conference, the Cinema and Television History Research Centre (CATH), De Montfort University, UK, 14 June 2017

“‘Release Me’: Seeking Communications Beyond the Empire of Signs”, IFVCR Network Conference, Cardiff University, Wales, UK, 5 – 6 June 2017

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“Disrupting Boundaries: Then Where Do We Go Now?”, at Cultural Studies Association Annual Conference, Riverside, LA, USA, May 2015

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“Invisible Words, Visible Dreams: Poetry as Korean Transcendental Cinema” at SENSUAL EXCESS AND THE ‘BODY’ OF FILM:


University of Pécs , Hungary, 28 – 31 March, 2012

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 “The Shared Dreams: Transnational Hong Kong Cinema through Nostalgia” at  Asian Cinema Studies Society Conference, University of Hong Kong, 18 – 20 March, 2012

“Fetishism through Voice: Seiyū in Japanese Anime” at NECS – The London Conference – Sonic Futures: Soundscapes and the Languages of Screen Media

University of London, United Kingdom, 23 – 26 June, 2011

“Mobile Fantasy: Miyazaki’s Transnational Magic” at

Mobility and Fantasy in Visual Culture International Symposium

Bahçeşehir University, Istanbul, Turkey, 20 – 21 May, 2011

2018: Juror at the Chinese Visual Festival 2018, London

2018: Introduction to the screening of Have a Nice Day (2017) at Phoenix Cinema, Leicester, UK

2015: Introduction to the screening of Golden Gate Girls (2014) at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff (Wales)

2013: December, “War of Cultures” at Zhixin Middle School, Guangzhou, China

2013: November, Book Launch: Phoenix Picturehouse: 100 Years of Oxford Cinema Memories, Phoenix Picturehouse Cinema, Oxford, UK

2013: March, Talks on Academic Publishing (on behalf of Intellect), China